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“We Take care of your postcards”

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Send Your Postcard To A Special Friend With
Globe Postal Service!

GPS service is available in the main Italian tourist regions and gives the possibility  to send postcard with GPS stickers  to Italy and all over the world.

In our points of sale the tourist can buy the stickers that allow him to send, through the postcard, a personalized video or photo that will be displayed exclusively by the addressee on his terminal.

From April 2015 the postcards with GPS stickers will be traceable using a QR-Code and the GPS APP. It is possible to send exclusively postcards by GPS stickers.

The postcards with GPS stickers can be posted only into GPS mailboxes that are available in every GPS points of sale. All the GPS stickers are sold in an envelope with an INNER MAP (representing the visited city) on which the tourist can identify all the GPS shops where he can buy or mail his postcards.

Delivery times, costs and more information about the GPS map and the delivery zones are available in the area STICKERS, on the SERVICES CARD, or in the section FAQ.

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