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The first postal operator with more than 2000 points of sale

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postal service

“We Take care of your postcards”

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Globe Postal Service is a founder member of Assopostale

Assopostale is an association that connects all private postal operators with the General Authorization and Individual License.

Send Your Postcard To A Special Friend

GPS service is available in Italy’s most visited locations in which You can send postcards all over the world.

You can send the postcard with a personalized video or photo that will be viewed exclusively by the recipient on any device.

Your postcards with GPS stickers are traceable using a QR-Code through the GPS APP.

The postcards with GPS stickers can be sent only from GPS mailboxes that are available in every GPS location. The tracking stickers are sold in an envelope that includes a GPS LOCATION MAP identifying all the places one can buy or mail their postcard.

Delivery times, costs and more information about the GPS map and the delivery locations are available in the GPS STICKERS, the GPS ENVELOPES, or in the FAQ.

Globe Postal Service S.R.L. | Viale Europa 55, 00144 - ROMA | P.IVA 12120241000 - Licenza individuale nr. 1900/2012