In this section you will find faq, a list of frequently asked questions with answers that are provided by Globe Postal Service.

  • What is Globe Postal Service (GPS)?

Globe Postal Service (GPS) is an Italian postal operator operating with the Licence No. 1900/2012 issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.  GPS has in Italy an own network of sales of stickers for postcards and independently manages the works of transfering of the postcards collected to the postal hub, sorting and classification of the postcards for delivery at home. The international delivery (except Italy) is managed in collaboration with Postal Authorities in the Country of reference, identified by GPS because able to guarantee reliability and on-time delivery. How to use the GPS service: buy the sticker, apply it on the postcard and post ONLY in GPS mail boxes, black with yellow GPS brand.

  • What are GPS service features?

The service and the GPS’ product are intended for a turistic mainly use because has a capillary network in all the cities where is available, for that, it’s easily identifiable and accessible by tourists and italian citizens, GPS through an innovative of customer service provides a simple and constant interaction between the customer and the company to ensure help and support in each moment, on the website GPS shows all the sales points of every city where the service is available, GPS has the free app GPS Video in a Postcard available on the main online stores for smartphones, an automatic geolocalization system drives the customers to the nearest GPS sales point, using the alphanumeric code reported on each sticker and using the app GPS Video in a Postcard, the sender can send in attachment to the postcard a free video of 30” viewable only by the addressee.

  • How much does GPS service cost?

The GPS service can be used to send postcards all around the world, pay attention to the zone reported on the sticker purchased:

ZONA 1 European Union (no Italy), €1,30 (VAT included);
Italy to Italy, (only domestic deliveries) €1,30  (VAT included);
ZONA 2 – 3  No European Union, Asia, Africa, United States, €2,50 (No VAT);

  • How long does it take a GPS postcard to reach the delivery address?

To the speed of delivery, GPS preferes the constant care of the customer and the product. For that GPS delivers with timing slightly higher than the national service but choosing the GPS services the customer purchases the following services in addition to the stickers: dedicated customer care service also ability to reach individual agreements with the customers in case of delays or mistakes in receiving postcards, constant updates of the possible causes of international delays, multimedial free services available on smartphone and pc (GPS Video in a Postcard, automatic geolocalization service to find the nearest GPS mail box, S.O.S. Postcard, maps on the website.

ZONA 1 – about 14 days from the date of postalization in GPS’ mailbox;
Italy to Italy –  about 13 days from the date of postalization in GPS’ mailbox;
ZONA 2 – 3 – about 18 days from the date of postalization in GPS’ mailbox;

GPS spends 3 working days to transfer the postcards from the sales stores (where there are the GPS’ mail boxes) to the postal hub. When the postcards leaves the hub begins the count of the days declared for the delivery at home. GPS provides three weekly retirements and ensures the 85% of deliveries within the time stated.

  • Where can I buy GPS stickers?

The GPS’ sales points are identifiable by an authorized advertising made up by panels and totems with the mail box at the top. The activities involved in the sale of GPS products are: newsagents, bars, resorts, bookstores, gift shops, tourist camp, tourist agencies, tourist attraction (ex. openbus) and shops in ports, airports and at the centre of the cities. Here you can find all the GPS’ Points.

  • What is the tourist Kit provided by GPS?

GPS takes care of its customer since the purchasing moment, for that each customer can ask to the retailer the GPS kit composed by a tourist map of the visited place where are reported the main tourist attractions and the addresses of the all mail boxes in the visited city where is possible to postalize postcards provided with GPS sticker , instruction to postalize only in GPS mail boxes and NOT in red mail boxes, instruction on how to use the GPS product with explanations about the alphanumeric code reported on the sticker and about the GPS Video in a Postcard service, addresses to be contacted in case of difficulty.

Preliminary instructions:

After purchasing the GPS stickers, apply it on the postcard and postalize only in GPS mail boxes. It’s possible to postalize where you bought the GPS sticker using the mail box at the bot of the totem, in every GPS mail box in the visited city, in each GPS mail box in Italy. To find all the GPS’ sales points where is possible to buy and postalize postcards, visit our website at this link or download the free App GPS Video in a Postcard on your smartphone: an automatic geolocation service will drive you to the nearest GPS points. The application is available for Android and IOS.

  • Where can I send with GPS sticker?

With GPS is possible to send only postcards, It ‘absolutely forbidden to send letters, postal envelopes, or something different from postcards. It ‘also prohibited by international law to send currency or magnets through the postal service. All the irregular deliveries will be stopped and detained into the GPS hub, except in cases of required inspections, the customer can contact the customer service in order to arrange the return of the good.

    • What should I do if I mailed postcard in the wrong mail box?

The postcards not posted in the yellow boxes do not fall into our network and this makes it impossible for us to collect, sort and deliver. For this reason we also write on all our merchandising and on our sticker ‘Post only in GPS Mail Box‘.
We anticipate that, in accordance with the provisions of point 5.3 of the Carta dei Servizi, no compensation is provided for customers who have posted the postcards with GPS stickers in mail boxes of other operators.

  • What is the customer service provided by GPS?

The GPS customer service offers constant assistance and protection to the customer who purchased the GPS service. It’s available at the following address or available by phone at the number listed on the homepage. This service is the only one authorized to manage emergencies and possible claims, the office of the customer service is therefore the only one authorized to analyze individually the claims of the customers who complain about a disruption in the delivery of the postcards or who are dissatisfied with the service provided by GPS. Having ascertained the extent of the damage, the office will proceed in consultation with the client at the conclusion of individual trade agreements, such as compensation for the damage done or how to reach the desired level of satisfaction when purchasing the GPS service. It’s organized to handle the urgencies: can indicate the nearest locations where is possible to postalize the postcards, can put knowledge of international events that involve disruption of the local postal service creating delays in deliveries (also available on the website at this link), may opens up a monitoring service on wrong postalization, can provide technical assistance for sending or watching the video sent/received using the service GPS Video in a Postcard, can provide technical assistance for the service GPS Video in a Postcard, in well-defined cases is able to reach agreements with customers who have suffered inconveniences. This dedicated service is the only one organized to handle the demands of customers, it doesn’t consider requests sent by social network (twitter or facebook), moreover, it doesn’t consider (and will be reported to the competent judicial authorities) of all communications and the comments released on the TripAdvisor.

  • What are main causes of delay in the delivery don’t generate by international causes?

Causes of delay don’t generate by international causes are: recipient’s address don’t written, written but incomplete for an international delivery, address unreadable.

  • What can the customer do?

For the first time in history the postcards written incorrectly, incomplete or unreadable will NOT be lost. Contacting the cusotmer service it’s possible to indicate this kind of problem, GPS will work to recover the postcards reported and to proceed with the delivery. This kind of service will be faster and safer if the customer indicates the alphanumeric code stamped on the stickers sent.

  • How is made the international communication delays?

International events that may involve disruption of the local postal service creating delays in deliveries are consistently reported by GPS on the website at this link .

  • What is the service S.O.S. Postcard?

It’s a temporary multimedia service that allows to resend an e-card not received yet. S.O.S. Postcard isn’t a definitive alternative service. All the inconviences must be reported to the customer service. At this link, the customer has the possibility to send as email an electronic postcard choosing the postcard and the sticker previously purchased. All customers who had previously also purchased the service GPS Video in a Postcard have the opportunity to complete the virtual postcard with the alphanumeric code.

  • Where can I find Globe Postal Service?

GPS it’s an italian brand, for that the service it’s available in the most characteristic italian places: cultural cities, historical villages characterized by inimitable architectural works, cities made famous by the presence of lakes, archaeological finds, museum, pictures, winter and summer attractions. At the moment the GPS’ service it’s available in this regions: Lombardia Veneto, Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania and Sicily. It is also present in the State of San Marino and in Vatican State. Each image chosen for each sticker issued by GPS during these years has a history and is the result of a careful selection, made to offer to the customers the best possible framing of artistic excellence, cultural or architectural in Italy. GPS is dedicating a series of stickers unique to each of the cities in which it is present, the story that accompanied the issuance of special postage stickers GPS is stated on the website at this link.

  • How can I contact Globe Postal Service?

It’s possible to contact GPS at the following addresses: or by TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle+LinkedIn, Unindustria. This addresses aren’t able to supply assistance. For this service please contact our customer care office.

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