Quality: you can’t improvise it

It’s the result of the experience and the knowledge of the reference market, it’s the constant care of the details.
The management system policy, introduced in the company, contitutes the engagement on which the firm bases and manages the assumptions of its Quality System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Globe Postal Service is always extremely careful to the management of the cogent regulations and laws: in accordance with the indications of the qualified postal authority and the transparency of its operations, the company took action elaborating some documents that transmits and manages simple and exhaustive information about the conditions and the features of its services.
All the external and internal processes, the GPS partners and suppliers are choosen and constantly monitored by the company to achieve the harmonization of the products and the processes and consequently the linearity and the operational conduct in all the reference and business areas.

Our Quality

ISO 9001 – 2015 certificate IQ-0517-04 released on May 26, 2017 by Dasa Raegister Spa.
The ISO 9001-2015 rule is an international standard that recognizes the companies engaged in the continuous improvement of their own services:
– Definite and measured internal processes
– Continuous monitoring of the quality offered to the customer
– Development of the internal and external resources
– Development and check of the operating and economic performances on the bases of the corporate business continuity.

Our Mission

GPS aims to achieve an higher and higher position among the italian competitors, spreading the popularity of its brand through a better quality and utility offer and bringing forward a wise company vision based on legality and responsabilty. This vision combines an unexceptionable care for the quality of the service and the customer satisfaction with a continuous improvement of the company skills.